Synesthesia. Using all the senses to perform a task. In this case, the task is furniture design. "I first learned about synesthesia when studying Mozart," says industrial designer Ken Reinhard. "Mozart is said to have composed music using all his senses. That is how I design."

His philosophy works. Reinhard's award-winning designs are distinguished by their simplicity, timeless elegance and crisp contemporary lines. Manufactured by many of the most well known producers of contract furniture in the United States, Canada and Italy, they are marketed worldwide.

Reinhard's work has been widely recognized. His designs have won "Best of NEOCON" awards in 2003, 2004 and 2005, along with Interior Design Magazine's "Best of Year" award in 2007. Today, Reinhard combines knowledge of leading-edge manufacturing technology with a timeless sense of craftsmanship. The results speak for themselves. "Ultimately, the materials tell me what they want to be," he says with characteristic modesty. "A successful design allows the materials to reveal their best faces in service to the human form."