Johanson Design is one of Sweden’s most expansive furniture companies. The ownership is shared between the brothers Dan and Paul Johanson, who following investments in well known designers, a decisive scandinavian design and solid furniture craftmanship have established a wide international customer base.

Johanson Design was started in 1953 and has ever since then maintained a high level of craftmanship as a platform for the company. Since Dan and Paul Johanson took over the company in the early nineteen nineties, it was decided to continue to develop designs dedicated to the 'Johanson Design style' that is so well received all over the world today. We realized early on that the key to success was to combine furniture know-how with high quality designs says Paul Johanson.

Following that - other well known designers such as Mattias Ljunggren, Alexander Lervik, Anders Hjelm, Johan Lindstén and Simon Pengelly have been working closely on product developments. All the time they have been working with the company to launch many new products that has helped Johanson Design to gain their own high profile.